Good Samaritan Uses Dying Breaths To Save School Bus Full Of Children

Good Samaritan Uses Dying Breaths To Save School Bus Full Of Children

When a school bus was involved in a terrible collision with a box truck, the driver was critically injured. However, instead of waiting for the paramedics and preserving his energy to save his own life, the man chose to use his final moments to rescue every last child from the mangled bus.

Johnathon Grayer, 25, was driving a Ryder rental truck through Alma, Georgia when he made a fatal mistake on the road. Without warning, he crashed into the back of a Bacon County school bus as it was unloading elementary school children, completely destroying the cab of his truck and crushing the back of the bus.

Johnathon Grayer

Johnathon Grayer, 25, used his last moments alive to save a bus filled with elementary children. (Photo Credit: Provided)

“The impact sent the back of the box truck into the air, leaving metal scattered across the highway,” Cpl. Shane Copeland with the Georgia State Patrol said.

Grayer was critically injured in the crash, which obliterated the front end of his truck. However, instead of waiting calmly for first responders to save his life, he chose to spend his last few minutes making sure that everyone else was out of danger.

Johnathon Grayer pulled himself from the crushed truck and rushed to carry the injured children to safety. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to Georgia State Police, there were more than a dozen students on the bus, several of whom were sitting in the back when the crash occurred. Without hesitating, Grayer pulled himself from his own wreckage and ran to help the injured children, including those who were trapped by the crushed seats.

Investigators told Grayer’s parents, Veronica and Isaiah Grayer, that their son freed students and carried them to safety. He even summoned super-human strength to rip up a bench seat in order to get to a trapped child.


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